Can't Spell Subtext Without Buttsex

I have no idea if I’ll get 5 or 100,000 notes but I just want to be heard. By looking at me you might have thought I had an eating disorder of some kind and I don’t so now worries, but I am “blessed” with a fast metabolism. I’ve been asked several time by other girls on how I got so thin and I just stare at them in bewilderment cause they’re more full figured than I am and but they want to look like a stick like I am? I know I can’t speak for all girls my size or maybe it’s just me but I don’t understand why girls want to be my size. Ever since I was young I would see “thicker” girls and I would get upset, like those with a weight problem I would sit in front of the mirror and pick at thing but beside grabbing and pulling fat I would poke at bones and ask “Why does my hipbones stick out? No other girls have these. Why is my collarbone showing? It makes me look sickly. Why don’t my thighs touch like normal girls’ bodies do?” and so forth. When I looked at girl on TV or in magazines I didn’t notice their hipbones or collarbones showed but how fuller their thighs were, how their hips were rounder, and how their breast were larger. Why couldn’t I have that I would always ask. Then I found Tumblr. I found that people actually wanted what I thought I was cursed with. Why I would sit there and wonder why no guy wants to just feel bone when they grab on and hold you, they want some kind of cushion. Then there was that phase of where everyone said no one wants thin girls all models should be curvy but most of the time under there would be that person that would make me feel better ” Don’t leave out the thin girls though!” and that would help a bit  but not all post. Please I just wanna say don’t just say you hate thin girls and all girls should be curvy cause there are girls like me who try everything to put on weight but gain nothing it’s really made me hate myself sometimes but I’ve somewhat come to terms with it. But what makes me angry is eating disorder post. “Nothing taste as good as being thin!” No okay thin taste like shit. Being thin make me want to cry I would take being a bit over weight than being thing cause my boobs don’t show in lose shirts, my butt doesn’t fill out these shorts. MY LIFE ISN’T A FUCKING BREEZE CAUSE I’M THIN. Please stop. I didn’t do this for compliments. I didn’t do this for reassurance. I did this because I want to change some people’s perspective on natural thin girls. Sorry this is written like so badly, mind was kinda flying all over the place.